Fall Smartboard Lessons and Activities

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year in the classroom because of the cool breeze, warm colors, yummy scents, and great pies. If you put effort into creating a fall themed room with fall activities the kids will remember it from years to come. Check out all these games, lessons, and other fun activities you can use in your classroom! All customizable to your needs!
 In the mornings just customize these smartboard activities with your student's names for a fall theme attendance!

Fall Attendance Smartboard
Fall Pumpkin Attendance Smartboard
Scarecrow Attendance Smartboard - My favorite because the kids touch their crow and it flies away leaving the absent students still sitting on the scarecrow.
This one is a professional smartboard made by the SMART program.
Grades 1 and 2

Fall Counting Smartboard Lesson
Cute fall tree that kids can count interactively with. Numbers 0-19
Subject: Mathematics
Grade: Kindergarten

This smartboard has many short fun songs to sing with your kids.
Grade: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade 1

Counting Pumpkins Smartboard Lesson
Use this for your math class, just have the students drag the pumpkins from the corner onto the vines.

5 Little Pumpkins Song Smartboard
Love this chant! It also includes sound effects for pre-k to kindergartners.