Pre-Made Winter Themed Smartboard Attendance Check-In Activities

I love the winter season and so do the kiddos! It is great to just add some simple touches to make a smartboard lesson extra special. Here is a list of super fun activities for your classroom morning routine. It is always a joy to watch your kids get excited about something new. These smartboard attendance slides are already pre-made so all you need to do is download them and edit the names.

Winter Snowman Attendance- This is super cute because there is a big igloo and you name the snowmen your student's names. I think they would love this coming into class each morning.

Penguin Attendance- Name little penguins to your students names and have them drag them to check in for school and lunch count.

Snowball Christmas Tree Attendance- This one is cute. You put your students names on snowballs and when they click on it, it will fly out of the picture. The ones left would be the absent students.

Build a Snowman Attendance- If you have a smaller class, consider using this smartboard activity! You name each part of the snowman with your students names such as the hat, nose, mouth, arms,etc. They would have a blast building this and it would be funny when a piece (student) is missing.

Snowflake Smartboard Attendance- This smartboard activity includes enough snowflakes for your students and they get to drag their name to the christmas tree. I think this is really adorable as it acts like it's snowing!

Gingerbread Attendance Activity- Make your students become their own gingerbread man/woman! They just drag their gingerbread person into the gingerbread house, how fun!

Sledding Smartboard Attendance Game- This has a great concept to it. The kids each get their own sled and they get to move it down the hill and to the finish line. I think this would encourage your students to get to class right away so they won't be last in the race.

Christmas Present Attendance- Have each child get their own present and they can drag it under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Ornament Smartboard Attendance- Have the children drag their own ornament with their name on it to the Christmas tree.