Kindergarten Smartboard Games and Activities

Here is a complete list of fun, educational, and interactive smartboard games for your Kindergarteners! These interactive whiteboard activities are great for whole class discussions or individual use for volunteers. The games range from language arts, reading, and writing to math concepts. Using these smartboard games will really liven up your classroom and make your students feel like it's not "learning time," while in reality it is!

All you have to do is click on the link titles below to open up the Kindergarten smartboard games and activities to download or bookmark for later, easy as pie teachers!
  1.  ABC order
  2. Add and subtract
  3. ABC Match
  4. Alpha order
  5. The alphabet
  6. Alphabet songs
  7. Alphabet Soup
  8. Beginning sounds
  9. Cliffords Words/Vowels
  10. Cliffords Letter Match
  11. Cliffords Sound Match
  12. Clifford Concentration Game
  13. Counting Bees
  14. Colour game
  15. Colour story
  16. Counting story
  17. Directions
  18. Dress Caillou
  19. Eating right
  20. Five senses
  21. Food groups
  22. Farm animals
  23. Find the word
  24. Go shopping
  25. Games with Spot
  26. Help count
  27. I spy shapes
  28. Learn vowels
  29. Letter match
  30. Make a word
  31. Make new words
  32. Match sounds
  33. More stories
  34. Painting
  35. Patterns
  36. A pet story
  37. Phonics fun
  38. Phonics match
  39. Pooh books
  40. Read with Clifford
  41. The seasons
  42. Shapes
  43. Word play
  44. Word match
  45. Words and letters
  46. Teletubbies Shapes
  47. Count to 100
  48. Learn to Read
  49. Word Hunt
  50. Ten Little Snowmen