Interactive Math Smartboard Lessons

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Links Learning - interactive lessons with videos, read-a-long stories and more!

Interactive Math Dictionary - fun!

Rainforest Math - gr. K-6

Math links - for grade 3 and 4

Math links - Primary

Woodlands Junior Maths Zone

Kidspiration Math templates

Interactive Elementary Math Websites

Math portal - from

Quizville Software - Interactive Math activities

The Number Gym

Math Playground - a math learning site for students in K-6.

Count Us In - Games to help younger students understand basic math concepts. From Australia.

Woodlands Math Zone - for students ages 7-11, Number skills, place, shape and measuring skills

Interactive Number Games - Primary grades

HomeSchool Math - links to many activities on all school levels!

Oswego City School District (NY) Educational Math Games

Math Zone - Select KS1/KS2 for Primary and KS3/KS4 for Intermediate. Excellent!

McGraw-Hill Mathematics - Click your book cover!

Numeracy Games - for primary grades - Toftwood (UK)

Many Numeracy Activities - Ambelweb

Math Teacher's Toolkit

Math Studio - Interactive games

Kindergarten - Grade 2 - Math sites

Starship Math - (BBC)

Primary Games - math - Hundreds chart, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games - includes many activities: equivalent fraction diagram, number line (whole numbers), flexigons, polygon paint, clock, estimation, angles, coordinates, reflections, fractions and more!

Harcourt Math Activities - one activity for each grade - K through 6

UK Interactive resources - Pie chart, pictogram, probability, graphs, geoboards, counters, function machine

UK Interactive Resources - angles, fraction, number line, polygons, clocks, coordinates, place value cards,

AAA Math - Basic Math Skills

Count Us In - Games to help students learn basic number concepts

Basketball Game (includes game with Exponents)

K-2 Math and Language Arts

Algebra, Patterns and Functions

Patterns - a video from Learning Links

or this site: Pattern Blocks

Coordinate points I

Coordinate Points II

Coordinates Game

Function Machine - excellent!

Function Machine - from

Function Machine for grades 3 and 4

Function machine - uses numbers and letters for patterns

Splat Squares

- 1 to 100 (eBeam)

Splat Squares - Reveal 1 to 100 (eBeam)

Vector Kids Math - fractions, algebra, solving for variable x

Place Value
Place Value grade 1

Numberline Express

Place Value - set the numbers from 999,999 (eBeam)

Number Board to 9,999 (eBeam)

Base 10 Blocks

Place Value Funbrain (eBeam)

Place Value manipulatives (teacher directed) (eBeam)

Base Blocks place value to thousands (eBeam)

Comparing numbers AAAMath(eBeam)

Number lines - make number lines and numeric patterns, teacher directed (eBeam)

Even and Odd AAAMath (eBeam)

Odd numbers Ghost Blasters (eBeam)

Even numbers Ghost Blasters (eBeam)


Making Change

Discovering Coin Values

Interactive Money sites

Counting Money - Harcourt

Money Program - (eBeam)

Money Drills for primary classrooms. Students drag the correct amount of coins into the piggy bank.

Money Central Station

Exact Change, Please - Students purchase items with the exact amount of bills and coins.

The Change Maker

Money - make and recognize amounts

Money - user selects amount of coins and bills; box for dollars and box for cents

Addition, Subtraction

Addition Machine Ambelweb, 3 levels

Subtraction Machine Ambelweb, 3 levels

Soccer Subtraction (eBeam)

Addition, Subtraction - Robot Calculator

Subtraction - find the missing addend

Function Machine from

Function Machine for grades 5 and 6

Function Machine for grades 3 and 4

Function Machine National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Multiplication, Division

Division Bingo eBeam

Multiplication, Division - Robot Calculator

The Counting Game - count by 1-9

Divisibility rules

Space invaders (X or /) game format

Multiplication Hidden Picture

Visualize Multiplication

Teaching Tables Drill and practice for multiplication tables

ArithmAttack basic operations: +, -, x, /