Smartboard Rounding Activities and Lessons

Welcome math teachers! If you are looking  for smartboard rounding activities to do in your classroom then you have found the right place. Browse through the different smartboard lessons to download for free! These rounding activities range from teaching lessons to fun games with themes. Click a link to view a preview of the smartboard lesson.

Rounding money and Percents [SMART Notebook lesson]
Students practice the steps needed to find the percent of a number.
Subject: Special Education, Mathematics
Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Rounding Numbers
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Students will round numbers to the tens and hundreds place.
Grade 3

Rounding Decimals [SMART Notebook lesson]
Students will round decimals to whole numbers.
Grade 4

Rounding decimals
[SMART Notebook lesson]
6th grade Inensive Math Lesson

Technology Facilitator
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Round to the nearest tens and hundreds.

Rounding in Spanish
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Rounding by tens and hundreds. Lesson is in Spanish
Grade 2, Grade 3

Estimation of Sums
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Use the strategy of rounding to estimate the sums of two-digit addition problems.
Grade 2

Rounding to 100
[SMART Notebook lesson]
In this activity children practice rounding up and down to the nearest 100.

Rounding to 100,000
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Preparing students to round numbers in the millions to 100,000 in preparation for EM activity on rounding attendance figures at ballparks (p. 140 in practice book).

The King Said Off with their heads
[SMART Notebook lesson]
This is a lesson about rounding. It has a short review about place value before learning the rules of rounding. There is sound and the lesson is very interactive. There is also slides to check students understanding after the lesson.

Rounding to the Nearest Ten with Al the Astronaut
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Practice rounding numbers with a space-themed activity.

Calculator Methods: Estimation and Rounding Off
[SMART Notebook lesson]
This activity covers how to explain the effect of rounding off values during calculations. It also covers how to use results shown on calculator display that may have rounded off.
Subject: Mathematics
Grade: Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12