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Are you looking for great Smartboard addition lessons? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of interactive whiteboard lesson plans to choose from for your classroom. Find an introduction to addition, snowman addition, dinosaur addition, ladybug, doubles plus one, and many more to pick from!

Addition Smartboard Lessons

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Addition Facts Smartboard Lesson
This smartboard lesson is great for first graders to practice their addition facts! There's some cool interactive board games too for your students to play.

Grade: First Grade

Ladybug Addition Lesson
This is a cute smartboard lesson dealing with counting the spots on the ladybugs wings. There is basic addition vocabulary practice involved too.

Grades: K-2

Dinosaur Addition Lesson
This activity is great for younger students to learn basic addition using a dinosaur theme (what kid doesn't love dinosaurs?!)

Grade: Kindergarten

Doubles Plus One 
This smartboard lesson is for teaching students how to do the doubles plus one strategy with addition.

Grades: 1-2

Snowman Addition Lesson
This lesson plan is great for younger students to learn their addition facts with a snowman theme!

Grade: Kindergarten

Adding with 10 Smartboard Lesson
This is an interactive way to teach students how to add 10.

Grades: 1-2