Cinco De Mayo Smartboard Activities

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Cinco de Mayo
[SMART Notebook lesson]
This introductory lesson activity explores the historical origins of Cinco de Mayo and includes both links to an article and a History Channel short video clip. It presents comprehension activities and a quiz.

Cinco de May
o [SMART Notebook lesson]
The famous Battle of Puebla is recounted in this activity and reinforced with pictorial aids.
Subject: Social Studies

Cinco de Mayo matching game
[SMART Notebook lesson]
Students match pictures of symbols from Cinco de Mayo holiday.

[SMART Notebook lesson]
Review the following May vocabulary words using Word Guess, Anagrams and Picture Word Select lesson activities: baseball, mother, Memorial Day, rose, rain, flag, Cinco de Mayo, America, spring.
Subject: Social Studies, Cross-curricular, Citizenship, English as a Second Language, Other, History, Special Education
Subject: Special Education