Smartboard Lessons For Teaching Main Idea

Welcome teachers! If you are looking for smartboard main idea lessons then you have found the right place. Browse below some of the most fabulous already made smartboard lessons for your classroom. Mainly used in the Language Arts curriculum, you can teach your kids how to find the main idea in any story. Click on the links below to download free smartboard activities and lessons to incorporate in your class.

Main Idea Organizer Smartboard Lesson
Organize the Main Idea of a book

Main Idea Smartboard Lesson
Students will use pictures and text to find the main idea.

Main Idea and Details Smartboard
Students will find the location of main idea and details in a passage.

Main Ideas/Details Smartboard Lesson
This is an introductory or review lesson used to establish the understanding of the terms "main-idea" and "supporting details" through the use of web diagrams.

Summarizing the Main Idea Smartboard Lesson
This SMART Notebook lesson can be used to teach the skill of summarizing the main idea. It can be used with any literary text.

Finding the Main Idea in Fiction Smartboard Lesson
A review of the concept of main idea and activity finding the main idea with two projectable books.

What's The Big Idea
[SMART Notebook lesson]
A lesson on topic, main idea, and supporting details.